Assumptions are the termites of business relationships. Nothing strong was ever built on assumptions. We are here to remove all assumptions and provide companies with data that will push their brand forward.

What is customer satisfaction survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is designed to aid and support B2B and B2C businesses to understand how their customers think. The purpose is to identify gaps and areas of improvement to improve customer satisfaction and client retention.

Why it is important to perform CX

Performing a client satisfaction survey is the most cost-effective way to connect to a client base and grow

Benefits include:

1. Collecting Dynamic Feedback

The reality is that we don’t know what we don’t know. When a business is unaware of something, it can hurt overall growth and revenues. By utilizing CX, companies have the perfect tool to collect honest feedback from people who use their product and service. The key to collecting dynamic feedback is quality and not quantity. Asking the right questions leads to the correct answers.

2. Jumpstart Communication

Traditional and digital marketing provides an opportunity for the company to communicate a message to their audience. However, this is a one-way street. Customer satisfaction surveys offer an opportunity for an audience to respond. The customers feel valued, honored, and a part of a community.

3. Increase Customer Retention

Positive customer experiences are critical to increasing a company’s retention rate. How can we create a positive experience? As a company, we start with Plan A, and we roll out our product or service. We attract clients, and we begin gaining market share. To keep our clients and grow our company, we need to continually monitor and improve our service or product aspects. This is where CX comes in. The best way to improve anything is by utilizing feedback from people that use it. The clients will much rather continue to use a service than go on another trial-and-error scenario. Therefore, by allowing them to voice their opinion and help the company upgrade aspects of the product or service, the company will retain clients with less effort and expense.

4. Generate Content

When a company receives feedback and insights through surveys, it will generate targeted ideas for content marketing. CX makes it much easier to identify customer pain points, write about them, educate the public, and offer a product or service as a solution.

5. Experience Growth and Success

Entrepreneurs have one thing in common; they strive for growth and innovation. To continue to improve and evolve a brand, companies need to engage with their audience. Collecting the right data facilitates growth and innovation. Some of the best ideas come from can come from a company’s existing users.

Types of CX Surveys

CX results help companies transform feedback into growth and retention. Utilizing customers’ feedback will ultimately result in a better customer experience, repeated transactions, and positive reviews.

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